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How to earn money on youtube without adsense

We will talk about 3 ways for earning without adsense.

It is very easy. If your YouTube channel is not monetized due to any reason then you can also earn money without a adsense 
So, lets start now
How to earn money without adsense
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If you are rejected for adsense And you want to earning so this method is good.

3 source of earning without adsense

1. Sponsorship

2. Earning app reviews

3. Affiliate markiting 

Lets start these topics in detail.


  • If you want to earn money from your YouTube channel without Adsense, then the best method is sponsorship for you, you can sponsor any product and promote any product. You can sponsered any app for money. Whoever the owner is, you can talk to that product and he will give you money in exchange for promoting you whatever you ask for.But for that, your channel should be more and more subscribed.if  Your daily views is more than 1000 so, you can talk about sponsership

Earning App review 

You can review any such app that gives you money in refferal. By this, you will tell your subscriber about it and subscribe and download it and you can get good money from it. Take the example which is the best app running today. his name is. Helo apps that are giving good money for refferal so , you can earn money by both method.

Affiliate markiting

Affiliate marketing is a one of the best method for earning without AdSense and with AdSense. In affiliate marketing, first of all, you have to create your affiliate account.  On Amazon or Flipkart and after that you have to sell their products from your source like youtube channel or facebook page. If you want to buy a product from your URL, you get a commission for it.

This method is helpful for you 
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